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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Configuring POM for Tomcat
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 14:13:25 GMT
This produces a pom that we include as a dependency in our war projects 
to give them access to the methods that Tomcat provides.

This avoids having to maintain the tomcat dependencies in each project. 
just a single dependency on the right version of this pom and your 
project can use Tomcat.

This is for Tomcat 7. The tomcat version is 7.0.25 but that really does 
not affect its use with later versions. I think that we are mostly using 
7.0.36 on deployment now.

The parent POM has nothing particularly interesting for this pom.

I hope that this helps.
Most of the Tomcat jars are not interesting to you and you really only 
need to code to the interfaces that are exposed to webapps not all the 
internal methods that Tomcat uses.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="" 

     Tomcat configuration.
     This does not produce a jar since Tomcat provides the jars in its 

         <!-- No longer required for Tomcat 7+ <dependency> 
             </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>taglibs</groupId>

<version>${taglibs-request.version}</version> </dependency> -->


On 05/12/2013 6:17 PM, Eric Kolotyluk wrote:
> OK, there must be an easier way to do this...
> I am trying to figure out how to configure my POM to depend on tomcat, 
> without creating dependencies on each individual tomcat jar file.
> After googling around for answers, I cannot seem to find any simple 
> way to set up my web app so that right dependencies are defined (i.e. 
> HttpServlet)
> Can anyone point me to some simple guide on how this is done?
> Cheers, Eric
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