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Subject RE: help testing a test war in a jar module
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 17:03:04 GMT
to answer your first question, it's a Vaadin app, so I suppose it's a plain servlet based webapp.
 I provide a dummy entry point as part of the test code.
to answer your second question, I use the <webDirectory> configuration of the tomcat
plugin to point it to the exploded webapp
I found the <ignorePackaging> parameter and set that to true, and now it's getting further
but still failing.  I can probably work through the rest, so unless someone has a concrete
example or a much better solution, no need to reply more.  Thanks!
--------- Original Message --------- Subject: RE: help testing a test war in a jar module
From: "Martin Gainty" <>
Date: 12/12/13 9:45 am
To: "" <>

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> Subject: help testing a test war in a jar module
> Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 09:25:43 -0700
> I have an unusual issue, a product that is ultimately a webapp, but each screen is required
to be in a separate jar file with no inter-dependencies (though they all have dependencies
to lower level library jars). I would like to be able to test each of these jar files within
the jar module that builds them by creating a 'dummy' exploded war file and deploying it to
an embedded tomcat. By having all the source for the screen in a single module MG>Single
Module is jsp/html/jsf?
we should be able to test each screen in isolation and use JRebel to tweak the code 
MG>without redeploying the changed code to the container how would the container 'know'
where to locate new code

without redeployment and perhaps use selenium for a basic UI test of each screen. We use the
embedded tomcat because we use tomcat in our final war, so the results will be as close as
possible, and we use a database resource via tomcat's database pool to access the database.
> Running the tomcat7:run-war-only goal gives the message 'Skipping non war project'. I
am creating a war by explicitly running the war:exploded goal after the test-compile phase.

> Is there any miracle of a chance anyone has tried something similar to this and succeeded?
Does jetty provide a better alternative (and have the database resources configurable like
I have in Tomcat)?
MG>Tomcat is faster check out these benchamarks..
> Thanks in advance for any consideration of this issue,
> Randy Kamradt

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