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From Matthieu Moy <>
Subject Re: System-wide, read-only repository
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2013 20:02:38 GMT
"Lyons, Roy" <> writes:

> :) but like I said, you wouldnt worry about the space if it was all on
> zfs.  zfs has built in de-duplication.  you could have 2000 local maven
> repos and probably not fill your disk since most of it has to do with
> duplicate jars and such.

Deduplication in filesystem is nice, but does not necessarily do all the
job. If your backup system does an rsync to another machine, then you
blow up the other machine's disk. If you have disk quotas, then you have
to decide which user will be accounted for the deduped space (most
likely both users).

Matthieu Moy

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