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From Matthieu Moy <>
Subject Re: System-wide, read-only repository
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2013 20:30:45 GMT
Barrie Treloar <> writes:

> I'd put things the student's local Maven cache in
> /tmp/maven_cache/<userid>.

That's an option. I'd put it in /var/tmp/... instead, as it is less
likely to be a small partition or RAM-disk.

>>> If they dont have direct access to the internet,
> Then you need to make sure there is sufficient documentation on how
> they should configure Maven, if they are not connecting to their Maven
> Repository Manager it will be too slow.
> A simple FAQ "Why is Maven slow?" should fix that. And its a natural
> penalty for those who cant follow instructions.

Yes. And having it opt-in means that students will at worse ignore it.

> If you have advanced students then they might want to attempt to patch
> maven so the local cache is thread safe. They'd need to also think
> about how to handle failed/stalled downloads correctly so it doesn't
> block everyone else using the cache. But you still have the problem
> that people working on the same artifacts will be clobbering each
> others build output.  So Stephen's suggestion of a "tiered" repository
> layout would be necessary. And as Curtis points out it is something
> that would be useful, especially for Jenkins, At the very least,
> writing up some thoughts on the problem/solutions would be helpful.

I propose another project to some students, where they contribute to a
free software of their choice. I guess I'll add Maven to the list this
year, then ;-).

Matthieu Moy

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