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From "Robert Scholte" <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: AW: mvn release:prepare does not update parent version
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2013 15:04:22 GMT
I'm pretty sure that by far most projects are released with 2.0, since  
this has been the default for Apache Maven for many releases. IIRC this  
has been updated for Maven 3.0.3, so if you don't specify the version, 2.0  
will be used.

Now let's review this thread:
1. Markus describes his issue
2. Maximiliano asks the most important question  (2 thumbs up!)
3. However, Markus answers this with 2.4.2, but in the end this was a  
wrong assumption. It was actually 2.0.

Only with the evidence attached to MRELEASE-837 it was easy for me help.
Mark, don't feel bad, because this is by far the most common mistake for  
the maven-release-plugin: assuming you're using the latest and greatest (  
Maven2 used to pick that one up, right? ) but still relying on a very old  
There were enough issues which could be closed by just updating the  

@MG I'm a bit lost by your comments
1. Which docs are you talking about?
2. What are you trying to do here? If this is about trying to figure out  
where it was actually fixed, Markus should try to release his project with  
the versions between 2.0 and 2.4.2, where my guess is 2.4 due to a  
complete rewrite of this code as part of MRELEASE-511.
Anyhow, I'm not going to apply a specific patch to older releases.
3. See previous bullet.

What do you mean with the fireworks? The only issues I've seen with the  
2.4.x releases were GIT related or credentials related. A reference to a  
JIRA issue would help.



Op Sat, 09 Nov 2013 14:17:57 +0100 schreef Martin Gainty  

>> From:
>> To:
>> Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 16:30:30 +0100
>> Subject: AW: AW: AW: mvn release:prepare does not update parent version
>> Martin,
>> thank you for your explanations, but as it turned out the problem is  
>> fixed simply by using version 2.4.2 of the release plugin. I wonder why  
>> someone fixed it but didn't close
> MG>maven-release-plugin is one of most frequently used plugins used from  
> maven
> MG>there are at least 1000+ installations out there still using the  
> 2.1.x maven-release-plugin
> MG>1000 installations out there still using 2.2.x maven-release-plugin
> MG>slightly less than 1000 installations out there using 2.3.x  
> maven-release-management
> MG>many of these installations are "secure" and disallow "autoUpdate"  
> from http URLs for plugins
> MG>Why? ...change ${maven.plugin.version} to 2.4.2 and watch the  
> fireworks!
> MG>the justification for breaking thru firewall instead of using own  
> nexus repository is tenuous
> MG>but sites will allow 'point patches'
> MG>3 items need to be completed:
> MG>1)fix the doc to say in 2.4.2 "parent version will be updated from  
> development-version"
> MG>This will get the legalities of "What we Say" and "What we Do" in  
> sync...
> MG>2)backport the 2.4.2 patch to previous 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x point  
> patches specifically:
> MG>2a) backport 2.4.2 fix to patch 2.1.x and run testcases
> MG>2b) backport 2.4.2 fix to patch 2.2.x and run testcases
> MG>2c) backport 2.4.2 fix to patch 2.3.x and run testcases
> MG>3)once the patch is in place and accepted by all ...close 837!
> MG>Process violation was the culprit here ..(Agile Project Champions and  
> Stakeholders have been alerted!)
>> Thanks for all
>> -Markus
> MG>you are welcome
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