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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Help for Maven Migration
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 20:57:19 GMT
> I want to know Should I just deploy my entire WEB-INF/lib to Artifactory?

Most likely, no, you should not do this.

Instead spend the time to match each Jar file up to an equivalent Jar
file deployed in Central. For Jars which do not exist in Central or
those with modified contents, you can consider uploading them to your
private Artifactory instead - but I would deploy under a GAV that
somehow specifies "this is our internal version of the artifact" so
you can keep track of them easily and hopefully get rid of them in
most instances in the future.

> Deploying my entire WEB-INF/lib seems easiest to me BUT then what is the
> EASIEST way to generate the POM for the dependencies? Is there a single
> command that can do this? Is there a MVN command that will do this for me?

You only have 130 dependencies. This seems like a lot, but it honestly
is not. This is a 1-time job you need to perform and then you never
need to do it again. Find 1-2 days in your schedule and just start the
work - you will be done sooner than you realize.

All other "solutions" to this problem have their own set of related
problems. You are simply kicking the can down the road a bit if you do
not complete this work today, and do it the right way.


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