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From Malte Skoruppa <>
Subject Re: Changing JDK version without specifying maven-compiler-plugin version
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2013 16:24:42 GMT

> I read that as you wanting to only use features of Java 1.3 (madness I say)
> which will break once you have Java 8 as its javac will only support down
> to -source 1.6 IIRC (but it may be 1.5)
> I think it is current and two back that is the new policy that is being
> introduced from Java 8 onwards...

Ah, interesting. I didn't know that about the downwards compatibility of 
Java. Thanks for the clarification.

And I would agree that it would be madness to only use features of Java 
1.3. :-D
Which is the very reason I took a closer look at how to configure a 
higher Java compiler version in the first place ;-)



>>>   (2) I do *not* want having to monitor the maven-compiler-plugin by myself
>>>> all the time in order to check for updates and keep my pom.xml referring
>>>> to
>>>> the currently latest version;
>>>>   Incompatible goal. If you have a version of the compiler plugin that is
>>> working. Leave it as is. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. If you decide
>>> that it is broken (e.g. you think the version you have is not compiling
>>> fast enough) then try upgrading... this way you have control over your
>>> build
>> My question is precisely *why* this goal is incompatible. You see, I am
>> allowed to not specify the maven-compiler-plugin version when I'm happy
>> with the default Java version. But as soon as I decide that I want to use
>> another Java version, I have to commit on a maven-compiler-plugin version.
>> That is suprising, is it not? :)
>>>   (3) yet I do *not* want Maven complaining about my project.xml being
>>>> malformed either.
>>>>   Specify the version, or live with Maven complaining.
>>> The Maven way is to make doing "the right thing" easy... doing the "not so
>>> right thing" should encounter some friction... but unless we have good
>>> reason we should not prevent you from shooting your foot off... we can
>>> make
>>> it difficult to aim the gun at your foot though!
>> So what you're saying is that the maven-archetype-quickstart archetype
>> does a "not so right thing" since it does not specify a
>> maven-compiler-plugin version in its POM?
>> Thanks,
>> Malte
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