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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to release a child module that isn't listed in the parent's list of modules?
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2013 15:36:34 GMT
I never us the release plug-in so you can take my comments with a grain 
of salt.

 From reading the docs I am not sure that these are right.

-DdevelopmentVersion=52.0.0-SNAPSHOT -DreleaseVersion=52.0.0

My interpretation is that you are trying to get maven to go backwards.
You are saying to release 52.0.0 and make a new snapshot of 
52.0.0-SNAPSHOT which is not right.

-DdevelopmentVersion=52.0.1-SNAPSHOT -DreleaseVersion=52.0.0

seems to be the right arguments.

I am not sure why you are even using the release plug-in at all. If you just want to deploy
a release of one module just use the deploy command.
Release wants to do a some magic to your project to get it setup for the next development
cycle and I am not sure that you really want to do all this at this time.

If you just want to deploy the current release and start working on 52.0.1-SNAPSHOT for one
module, you can just deploy and change the pom to point the 52.0.1-SNAPSHOT parent and you
are ready for the next development cycle. - Not worth wrestling with the release plug-in.


On 19/11/2013 10:09 AM, laredotornado-3 wrote:
> I hadn't specified a Maven release version anywhere, so I assume you meant
> like this
>      mvn -B -DdevelopmentVersion=52.0.0-SNAPSHOT -DreleaseVersion=52.0.0
> -Dusername=***** -Dtag=myprojectt-52.0.0 -DskipTests -P prod -Dresume=false
> -DdryRun=true org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-release-plugin:2.4.2:prepare
> However, I get the same errors, whether I specify the project version like
> this:
>          <parent>
>                  <artifactId>subco</artifactId>
>                  <groupId>org.mainco.subco</groupId>
>                  <version>52.0.0</version>
>          </parent>
> or like this
>          <parent>
>                  <artifactId>subco</artifactId>
>                  <groupId>org.mainco.subco</groupId>
>                  <version>52.0.0-SNAPSHOT</version>
>          </parent>
> Was there something more I needed to do? -
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