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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Imports of required classes have classname only without package path within the class compiled by maven
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2013 13:55:57 GMT
> Maven build worked too, but does not anymore for unknown reason. No
> changes of configuration or programs but update of m2e-wtp.

This list does not support m2e. You'll need to ask this question on
the appropriate Eclipse list. We can help you sort out why command
line Maven is not working as it should.

> All required configuration files bundled within the resulting project.ear
> are correct and identical to the version compiled with eclipse.
> On analyzing the issue it turned out, some classes compiled by maven have
> defective import lists!
> We see, the list is truncated, and some imports have the class name only,
> but no package information.
> If we look at the same decompiled class file, but the outcome from the
> eclipse compiler, the list look like:

Maven (command line) simply calls out to the JDK installed on your
system. You can use "mvn -X" to see the actual command that Maven uses
to call javac. If you are experiencing problems with the output of
Maven's compilation process, your real complaint is with the JDK &
javac itself, not Maven. I trust that you realize that Eclipse has and
uses its own compiler, so I would expect that you might see some
different results when analyzing class files produced by the 2

Is it possible that javac simply reduced your import list because a)
they were not all being used or b) it swapped out the import and
replaced the short name for the class with the fully-qualified name?
Did you look at the rest of the source code that came out of jd?


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