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From Jennifer Vendetti <>
Subject Re: mvn-eclipse-plugin problem with pde projects and linked resources
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 23:06:53 GMT
Hi Alejandro,

On 10/23/2013 2:15 PM, wrote:
> it all depends if you are going the maven bundle plugin route (which is
> POM-centric and the manifest is auto generated) or manifest first, where
> the manifest is generated by hand (eclipse tooling helps with this though)
> and the pom is also generated by hand but it has a much smaller role (to
> be exact, there is a way to generate the pom, but you generate it once and
> manage it by hand after, whereas in the first way you never manage the
> manifest and it gets regenerated every time you build, in fact, you don't
> even commit the manifest in your VCS). The major difference is where are
> the dependencies managed. So this is the first decision you will need to
> make, if you haven't already made it

I'm using the maven-bundle-plugin for all of the OSGi bundles, so the 
manifest files are regenerated every time I build.  I don't have any 
manifest files committed in our source code repository.  I suppose this 
means I'm using the "POM first" approach.

> For the launcher to recognize the project as a bundle I think you just
> need the META-INF folder in the root of the project with an osgi-friendly
> MANIFEST.MF inside

Thank you for this pointer.  I manually created META-INF folders at the 
root of each project and placed copies of the generated MANIFEST.MF 
files in the folders.  Eclipse now recognizes projects as bundles.

> I'm not sure what you mean by Runnables, you mean a new launcher? the fact
> that you capitalise it makes me think of the java interface, but i don't
> see the connection

Sorry, yes - I meant that I wanted to create an OSGi Framework 
launcher.  I was able to start the process now that Eclipse recognized 
my projects as bundles:

Oddly, the bundles run fine outside of the Eclipse environment.  My 
first few attempts at using the OSGi Framework launcher has left me with 
a slew of ClassNotFoundException errors at runtime.  Will need to 
investigate this further.

Thanks for your help in getting me this far along.


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