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From Robert Kuropkat <>
Subject Blacklisting during Dependency Location
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 04:01:47 GMT

I am trying to use the site goal but some of our internal repositories 
are getting blacklisted as being "invalid."  There are no network 
issues, I can access the repository just fine and it downloads 
dependencies as needed.  I don't want to disable this feature.  How do I 
actually make it work?

I have two internal nexus repositories, one works, the other doesn't.

repo1 (works) - on my local laptop, mega default setup.

repo2 (blacklisted) - corporate network, connected via VPN, setup like a 
real repository.  Requires login.

Everything in the output of mvn -e -X site seems to look fine clear up 
until it says the repo is invalid and blacklisted.  The site report is 
completed.  Going to the Dependency Location web page and clicking on 
the link provided for the blacklisted repo pops up the exected login 
prompt and then displays the repository.

I suspect, the reason repo2 gets blacklisted by the dependency location 
part of the site goal is because it requires a login and is not using 
the server information in the settings.xml.

While I know there is no network issue, I would not rule out repo2 being 
malconfigured.  I just can't figure out where to start looking.

As I said, I really want this feature to work so disabling it with 
-Ddependency.locations.enabled=false is "uninteresting."

Robert Kuropkat

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