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From "Mark H. Wood" <mw...@IUPUI.Edu>
Subject Re: System-wide, read-only repository
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2013 13:35:17 GMT
On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 10:18:49AM +0100, Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Barrie Treloar <> writes:
> > On 29 October 2013 23:56, Lyons, Roy <> wrote:
> >> Unfortunately, you will always have something in $HOME/.m2/repository
> >> because that's how maven works.
> >>
> >> Can I suggest perhaps that you use zfs for deduplication in /home?
> >> Otherwise, you can add something like
> >
> > Or give them more disk space - isn't this stuff meant to be cheap now-a-days?
> Local disk space is cheap. NFS-shared, RAID & backed-up disk space, less
> so. I can live with a few Gb of waste, but I was just wondering whether
> we could do any better.

Disks are cheap.  But not free.  Running the procurement gantlet is
not free.  Downtime to install new storage is not free.  Lord knows
that additional backup tapes are not free, not even cheap.  Longer
backup windows are not free.  Throwing storage at the problem is often
a reasonable choice, but it's also reasonable to always ask if there
isn't a better way.

Sorry, I've been aching to write that for a long time....

Mark H. Wood, Lead System Programmer   mwood@IUPUI.Edu
Machines should not be friendly.  Machines should be obedient.

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