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From Ian Boston <>
Subject Tooling to help with releases from within a source tree.
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2013 16:14:45 GMT
I am wondering if there is tooling available in maven to assist with
this the following scenario.

I have a source tree releasing multiple artifacts, all on different
release cycles, semantically versioned and depending on one another in
a tree.

After one item is released all references to it are set to the release
version, and its version is set to the next SNAPSHOT. Only when a
change is made are upstream poms updated to the SNAPSHOT version.

Is there an existing plugin that will tell what needs to be released
and what doesn't based on the multiproject dependency tree ?

Better still, is there something I can just ask

" release everything that needs to be released to allow artifact X to
be released "


That would be excellent.

Best Regards

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