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From Dariusz>
Subject maven, avian and openjdk
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 12:30:42 GMT
Hi all,

We are building a Mac OS X framework that would allow native Objective C
developers to use bitcoinj. The result was successful and is available

The problem is that this solution still requires a Java installation on
the users' machine. We're trying to get that solved by using Avian JVM.
Unfortunately, the minimum classpath.jar that it delivers is too small
to run bitcoinj.

We compiled Avian with openJDK and then used the genarated classpath.jar
as a RT for the bitcoinj Maven compilation. As a result we had two jars,
which we've put together and then tried to use.

The result is that OpenJDK classes are in the jar,  bitcoinj classes
also, but when we're trying to use it we're ending up with an exception
about missing java.lang.Object.

Has anyone of you encountered such a problem?

How should we configure maven to be sure that it use our classpath.jar
during the compilation?

I've commited all my work so far on a branch called "integratedvm" on my
GitHub project, if anyone is kind enough to take a look.

I really need some help from a specialist!

-darek | | gpg:182EC140

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