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From "Robert Scholte" <>
Subject Re: How to pass the contents of a file as the value of a command-line parameter when invoking a maven goal
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2013 09:46:40 GMT

This is how we solved this problem:
On the Jenkins buildserver we added the following to our settings.xml

       <port>600${EXECUTOR_NUMBER}</port> <!-- port could be for any  
plugin, so not really a good name -->


This assumes a maximum of 10 executors on the buildserver.
Now you don't have to specify the port on the commandline, it'll be picked  
up from these settings.

I'm not sure anymore if we had to expose these JENKINS variables and if it  
had to be prefixed with "env.", but this should be enough info to solve  
your problem.


Op Mon, 12 Aug 2013 10:44:00 +0200 schreef thermaleagle

> Hi,
> I need to pass the contents of a file as the value of a command-line
> parameter when invoking a maven goal.
> Why?
> The maven goal I am calling would trigger a server process on a certain
> port. This goal will be setup in a Jenkins build as a continuous  
> integration
> test job. And there could be more than one such jenkins job. So I want to
> ensure that each server process starts on a different port.
> I have scanned for an available port in a "pre-build" step and have  
> written
> the identified port to a file port.txt and have ensured that it is  
> available
> in the Jenkins job's workspace before the Maven build is triggered.
> What I want to do now is specify a maven goal like below within the  
> Jenkins
> job I'm writing:
> integration-test clean install -Dport=$(<port.txt)
> Assuming that port.txt only contains a string like "6001", the above  
> command
> should (at runtime) become:
> integration-test clean install -Dport=6001
> And when the job runs, a client should connect a url constructed as  
> below:
> http://localhost:6001/web_service/myapp
> Note that the port in the above URL is taken from incoming command-line
> parameter 'port'.
> However, when I configured this into Jenkins, the job failed with the
> stacktrace containg the below:
> Caused by: Illegal character in authority at
> index 7: http://localhost:$(<port.txt)/web_service/myapp
> I am executing the job on Linux and have verified that $(<..) is  
> supported
> on the version of the shell that I am running. So I think replacing
> $(<port.txt) with `cat port.txt` is not the answer that might help me.
> The problem seems to be lying in the way I'm using the maven  
> command-line.
> Looks like the shell is passing everything it sees on the command-line to
> Maven which has no clue how to handle it!
> Hope I made the problem clear. All help is appreciated.
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