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From Ian Boston <>
Subject Problem with maven shared invoker.
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 07:23:28 GMT

How do I make the DefaultInvoker.executeCommandLine in [2] log the command line

in version 2.0.11 of executeCommandLine there is

if ( getLogger().isDebugEnabled() )
            getLogger().debug( "Executing: " + cli );

I have tried




and configuring maven-invoker-plugin with <debug>true</debug> in the

I have also tried to break the invoker, but nothing I do makes any difference


Over in Apache Sling my GSoC Student is struggling to build Sling, It
builds for everyone else but him. The log is at [1]. He is running as
root, (bad), in a users home folder, and I have asked him to try
again. He is trying to build tooling/maven/archetypes/servlet from
sling trunk.


svn co
cd  tooling/maven/archetypes/servlet
mvn clean install

Looking at the output and the source code it looks like the maven
shared invoker is failing to launch a new copy of maven from the
command line. I believe the code being used is [2].

Based on looking at the difference between a successful build and a
failing build the invoker never manages to invoke the maven command. I
would like to be able to give him a simple patch, he can apply so we
can see what is going on on his box.

He has been blocked for 2 weeks by this issue.

Best Regards


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