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From "Peter A. LaValle" <>
Subject Accessing "Sibling" Module Source Folders
Date Sun, 11 Aug 2013 20:50:19 GMT
I want to read .h .hpp files from a sibling project's source folders,
during the "generate sources" phase

Right now I have a multi-module test (of my Mojo) with
 - parent (the parent project)
 -- hello-world (a child project that's a hello-world test of the plugin)
 -- why-hello-there (a child project that depends on an artifact generated
by hello-world)

Here's my problem;
 - on its own, hello-world compiles happily and generates an artifact
consisting of .h and .hpp files
    >>> This works
 - in a multi-module build, "generate-sources" fails in why-hello-there
    >>> it can't find the dependency for hello-world (hello-world has not
compiled yet)
    >>> ... but tests where hello-world was separate, and not a sibling,
had this working fine
    >>> So I need to pre-scan for "siblings" right?

AFAIK something like this "must" work since "Normal Maven" can do this.
Maven's compiler plugin auto-magically detects the things ... somehow ...
how does Maven's compiler do this?

Can I recursively scan folders / pom instances from the current project to
detect siblings? but if the siblings are generating sources I won't see
them ... will I?

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