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Subject re: agency theory and software development
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2013 20:01:33 GMT
Given the future of computation and being in a technological 
singularity, how do we divert a total disaster when the 'machines' have 
solid bodies? Since Hume, we have had theories about "ghosts in the 
machine", and if we look even at the beginnings of AI since MIT, it's 
clear that the software often has a mind of its own and takes us on 
courses we never intended to go on.

Finite-state automata, with no solution to the Halting problem, actually 
have exhibited free will and agency. In that respect, how do we 
reclassify our notions of human and animal rights when such a species 
actually has the entire compendium of human history, knowledge and the 
universe? Think Data from Star Trek.

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