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From Thomas Scheffler <>
Subject slow release:perform
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2013 12:54:59 GMT

we have a parent pom where all of our projects get it's settings from
(plugin version etc.). In that parent pom there is a
distributionManagement section with all the needed sections for
deployment. Now the settings for "site" prove to be a big problem.

Whenever a site is deployed a command is issued like that:

Executing command: cd
"/var/www/html/maven-docs/projectA-1.0/subProjectB"; unzip -q -o
""; rm -f ""
Executing command: chmod -Rf g+w,a+rX /var/www/html/maven-docs

"projectA" is a multi module project that uses the mentioned parent pom
and "subProjectB" is a module with "projectA" as its parent.

The files for the site of subProjectB a dropped to the right directory
(/var/www/html/maven-docs/projectA-1.0/subProjectB) but the following
"chmod" always issues the directory two levels higher. At this level
thousands and thousands of files are laying there so this command takes
a few minutes. Things get worse with more modules of projectA.
The whole release process waits 95 percent of time for that "chmod" to

It would be better if chmod would only run on the directory that was
created earlier (/var/www/html/maven-docs/projectA-1.0/subProjectB).

How can that be accomplished?

Kind regards


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