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From Gabriel MirĂ³ <>
Subject Maven war has META-INF folder in two places
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2013 16:19:55 GMT

I'm working on a project which uses JAAS and unfortunately for me Tomcat 
requires a file to be put in a META-INF folder in the root of the war

   |    |___context.xml

I think that it's already weird since the default META-INF location for 
WAR's is in the classes folders.

   |    |__classes
   |         |__META-INF

I'm using Maven, which states that anything in 
src/main/resources/META-INF will be copied to the appropriate place, 
which it does. What I'm trying to figure is whu it is also creating a 
META-INF folder in the root of the file structure leaving me with 2 
META-INF folders.

Project Structure

   |       |__META-INF
   |             |__context.xml

After mvn package

   |__META-INF [1]
   |     |__classes
   |           |__META-INF [2]
   |                  |__context.xml

So, if the war standard states that META-INF should be under classes 
folder, as in #2, why maven war creates the #1 folder. And is there a 
way to make it copy files into that folder instead of #2?


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