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From Nestor Urquiza <>
Subject Re: continuous releasing: versions:set and/or release:update-version to release an aggregator project
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2013 05:19:27 GMT

Let me give more information,

I use an aggregator project for war1 project:

Another aggregator project for war2 project:

Notice they both depend on jar1. The jar2 project in fact depends also on
jar1. The war-inc project is used to keep common web resources for war1 and
war2. We use maven overlay to marge those shared resources in a final war
for each project.

This is working like a charm. It has been working in fact now for 3 years.
However everytime we need a release we need to start updating version
unmbers in dependencies, doing prepare, then perform, you know the story.
This is great when the team releases every once in a while. This is an issue
if you want to release several times a day. About resources needed and so on
that is something we are tackling via idempotent scripts so we are literally
ready to make sure we increase the version number for all projects at once
every time new code is committed to the version control server. We can
handle that last part with jenkins, that is not a problem either. The only
problem is how can I leverage on an existing tool (without building it
myself) that would allow to release all modules from just one command.

So back to Roger suggestion I added the version override dependency as per
the github project, updated the version tag to point to 0.2.0 and run the
below command (including actually the very same example from github):
mvn clean install -Dversion.override=1.2.3-RC-5

However none of the modules were changed including no change to the
aggregator project either.

Roger, have you used this plugin with aggregator projects as I am trying?
Could you provide some further guidance?

My option is looking more and more like I will need to do something like:
foreach module
  replace module version
  for each dependency 
    if it is a module
      replace module version

Then find out if mvn:prepare and mvn:perform will work after from the
aggregator project releasing all necessary projects correctly. At this point
I am already facing another issue. Let us suppose I update my two war
multi-pom aggregator projects, all the modules and the dependencies to be
version 2.2000.0-SNAPSHOT.

I would expect a command line the below to change the version number in all
modules to 2.2000.0, tag it preparing it for release as well as setting the
next development version to be 2.2000.1-SNAPSHOT for all modules as well.
Finally each dependency that is a module itself should also be changed to
2.2000.1-SNAPSHOT. But that does not work either:
mvn clean --batch-mode release:prepare -DdryRun=true
-DautoVersionSubmodules=true -DreleaseVersion=2.2000.0

The resulting pom.xml.tag gets updated even dependencies but the gets updated (2.2000.1-SNAPSHOT) only for the version number of
each project, nor for the dependencies which do stay the same
(2.2000.0-SNAPSHOT). Will this be considered a bug?

I hope it is clear now what I need and also what the current issues are: Not
only versions:set and release:update-version do not work for
multipom-aggregator projects but in addition release:prepare together with
all the flags above which according to the documentation should be allowing
to fix a version for a release.

I guess an alternative question could be "how to provide continuous delivery
with multi-pom aggregator maven projects". To be honest I do not like the
idea of forcing all versions, it just looked the logical approach after we
decided we really did not care for internal versions, they could be handled
ideally automatically. However thinking twice about this I would like better
maven to accept a pattern to set part of the snapshot version number while
changing another part of it, for example with a mask:


which would translate to:
Leave first digit as is
Increase by 1 second digit
set to zero third digit

Of course I would expect this to be applied to all snapshots.

Thanks for the answers so far,

- Nestor

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