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From "Bahmer, Eric V" <>
Subject Re: Stop offline mode artifact version renumbering
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 22:09:35 GMT
I didn't pick the build system unfortunately.
I'm just using what came with the productÅ 
And cursing their developers for using something that doesn't seem to mesh
with high security environments.

On 7/29/13 8:18 AM, "Stephen Connolly" <>

>On 29 July 2013 15:04, Bahmer, Eric V <> wrote:
>> I was just hoping that maybe maven could use the local version numbers
>> without renumbering everything as a command line option, especially for
>> environment where I can't have the maven going online and have to use
>> packages that I built from sources due to security requirements.
>In the on-going war between Maven and people who want to make Maven do
>things their way, chalk up another victory for Maven.
>You entered this battle determined to bend Maven to your will... that is
>the only surefire way to ensure your defeat by Maven. I suspect the fixing
>of your issues will involve unwinding a lot of "hard won" battles on your
>I humbly suggest that you consider a different build system, as Maven does
>not share your philosophy, and as such you will only end up hating Maven
>(when you should be hating yourself for using it against an inappropriate
>use-case). That way, when you have an appropriate use case for a Maven
>style build of a project, you will still be open to using Maven for that

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