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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Maven / javac does not compile classes to target folder
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 20:19:36 GMT
> wayne, thanks a lot for your response, it helped to figure out what's going
> on.

I'm very glad to hear it!

> i was wondering if maven could detect that javac does not end successfully,
> and then abort and blame the compilation directly instead of building an

I agree this sounds like a reasonable change to Maven. I'm a bit
surprised it is not already handled -- you'd think javac would error
with a status indicating "error" which Maven would pick up and report
back to the user. If you have a few minutes, could I convince you to
post a JIRA defect against hmmm maven-compiler-plugin or perhaps
plexus-compiler? This assumes you have a Xircles account etc.

> i've found a workaround for my compilation, so for me the case is closed.
> thanks again!

Could you let us know the workaround, so if/when someone else has this
trouble, they know what to do about it?


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