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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Some doubts about maven tags?
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 13:02:33 GMT
> 1)whats the difference between mirror url and  pluginRepository url. As my
> understanding both url defines the url from where repository
> needs to be downloaded

No, a mirror tells Maven, when you want to download artifacts from a
repository, instead use this other one which I have defined as a
mirror. A pluginRepository simply tells Maven, when you are looking
for plugins, here is a place you can get them.

> 2)whats the diefference b/w repository and pluginRepository?

Not much difference. Except that you can potentially have a situation
where a company might allow its developers to reach out to the
Internet for plugins but not for dependencies, perhaps due to concerns
about licensing in the product they are building, to avoid pulling in
products under licenses that are incompatible, etc. Thus there is a
split between repository and pluginRepository. For practical purposes,
there is not much difference.

> 3)what actually profile is? as per my understanding its a goal which we want
> to execute. For example:- when we do mvn install, install is  already
>  defined  profile by maven. Is n't it?

No, this is wrong. Go back and read the documentation again. Install
is a phase in the default lifecycle (read more at [1]). A profile is
an optional "addition" to your project model which can become
activated in various ways, and once activated, it can influence how
your project is built by changing your project model.



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