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From Barrie Treloar <>
Subject Re: API to resolve an artifact in Maven3
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2013 04:24:29 GMT
On 23 July 2013 06:00, Richard Sand <> wrote:
> Hi Ron - I'm not sure what you're telling me. I thought that the capability
> to easily write custom plug-ins was part of the goal of Maven. If Maven
> doesn't want people outside of Maven writing plug-ins, then you're right the
> information I'm looking for isn't useful.
> But the javadocs are published - they just aren't filled in. Examples are
> published, but they're for Maven 2 and either don't work or are deprecated.
> Basic tasks that *seem* to be within the scope of what Maven wants to do are
> surprisingly difficult. That's frustrating.
> The questions I've asked on this this have been as specific and technical as
> I could make them. I'm not trying to waste anyone's time or not respect the
> work that others have volunteered.

Ron is essentially saying roughtly...

Number of Maven Committers = O(X)
Number of Maven Developers = O(10 * X)
Number of Maven Users = O(100+ * X)

So as you travel up the scope there are less and less people who
understand what is going on, and since there is less of them there is
also less time to actually do stuff.
And they spend that time getting stuff working rather than explaining
what is going on.

For most people that are writing a plugin they do not need dependency
resolution, in fact most Maven plugins themselves don't need it - they
can rely on Maven to have done that already for them.

The general documentation for writing a non-dependency plugin is ok
enough, but this could also be improved.

You are definitely right, and you are not alone in feeling frustrated,
that the documentation on how to do dependency resolution could be
improved - a lot.
Any improvement you would be willing to submit back would be most grateful.

Part of the problem is that once you have grokked this stuff you then
forget what the pain points were so that writing documentation to
illuminate the next person coming along is difficult; unless you
remembered to make a map as you were going along.  And there aren't
enough people like that.

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