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From Grégory Joseph <>
Subject Changes in how exclusions are applied transitively ?
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 18:20:49 GMT
Hey there,

I can't seem to find an accurate trace of this in the release notes,
so I thought I'd just ping the list - Changes in how exclusions are
applied transitively between Maven 2.2.1 and 3.1 ?

Here's a situation: A has dependencies on B and C. Both transitively
depend on D  (through X, which is irrelevant, I think)  but B excludes
it (on its dep declaration of X)

With 2.2.1, D was (wrongly imo) excluded from A (depending on
dependency order, seemingly)

With 3.1, it appears to behave "correctly".

Since I'm stuck with 2.2.1 for a bit, I'm facing a situation right now
where I need to work around the bug, currently by removing the
exclusions. That's currently OK, but at some point, those exclusions
will be re-added (in A or in a new project) and we'll face the same
issue again, without any clue as to why.

How have people dealt with this so far ?

Thanks for any hint or pointers !


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