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From patrick krekelberg <>
Subject Wagon Upload Released Artifact
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 15:29:36 GMT
Hi all,

I am thinking the problem I am trying to solve has to be a common one, so I'll throw this
out there to see what you think:

We have an application that ultimately needs to get pushed to one or more servers, we happen
to be using the SSH wagon to do that. When development snapshots are built, we can just use
Hudson environment variables to tell it which system to upload to and it does it directly
on deploy.

Now, for release, I want it to build and deploy to our repository manager, then have a way
for Maven to grab a particular release version and (again, via the SSH wagon) upload that
release version to a specified environment. In this way we get the benefit of Maven release
so we know exactly what we are getting for a given release version and it would never be overwritten,
but at any point in the future we have a way to grab those files and push them anywhere for
review or production if it passes review.

So how would that work? It just needs to resolve the release version of the project from the
remote repository, then upload a set of paths in the resulting contents once it's resolved.

How is that typically done?

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