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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Any reason ant should compile faster?
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 04:34:37 GMT
On 24/07/2013 10:56 PM, Russell Gold wrote:
> Exactly. Which I cannot do because these classes are public and our customers rely on
them. If I break the graph, that means changing a behavior that a customer might be using,
and that would be a serious problem.
> I am pushing to deprecate the entire graph and provide a completely different api that
won't have these problems, but even if I get that approved, we have to support this for several
> If there's an alternative, I'm all ears.
> On Jul 24, 2013, at 10:38 PM, Barrie Treloar <> wrote:
>> On 25 July 2013 12:06, Russell Gold <> wrote:
>>> Or let me rephrase that. In simple terms, I have dependency graphs like this:
>>> A ----> B ----> C
>>> ^                       |
>>> \------- D <----/
>>> How do I put these classes into separate modules?
I am not sure how you build them now!
If you can build this now, you can break the graph in the same way and 
put them in dependent projects.

How many of these cyclical graphs do you have?

Once you break the graph you should be able to end up with a set of 
modules that the customers can continue to use as A,B,C and D even if D 
no longer depends on A or C no longer depends on D.
A implements X and depends on B-->C-->D


>> Short answer is:
>> Break the graph.
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