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From Niranjan Rao <>
Subject Re: Maven deploy goal using ROLE account on Linux/Unix
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 00:43:05 GMT
A little white space will help you a lot in getting answers. Its very 
difficult read one long monologue.

Its not at all clear why it needs to be done this way? Company policy, 
Security restrictions etc? Also it looks like everyone is getting sudo 
permissions on the server which sounds dangerous.

Have you tried using ssh directly as appuser to see if your keys are 
being accepted? scp is essentially built over ssh and if ssh works, then 
scp should work in most of the cases.

On 07/08/2013 02:36 PM, rahulvd84 wrote:
> Hi,I am relatively new to Maven and Linux as well. I was trying to set up a
> maven repository for all the dependencies for the java projects we have and
> so that the entire can use same version of the dependencies and we will just
> have share the pom.xml (on svn). The repository needs to be created on a nfs
> mount drive on a Linux box (/Server#1/) at ~/maven/repositoryTo access
> /Server#1/ we use our AD user and password and then su to a user *appuser*.
> Though this *appuser* does not have a password and it asks for the sudo
> password for the AD user and each AD user is added to sudoers file.All our
> build processes need to be run using the *appuser*. At the moment we are
> trying to deploy the dependencies and the deploy goal asks for password
> which scp(ing) to the /Server#1/.Is there a way we can by pass this? We have
> already tried creating rsa keys for server and the client machine though of
> no use.Here is how I have created the server node in the settings.xml file
> <> Please
> suggest how can this be done in case we want to continue using same security
> modes of having users login to linux machine using the AD user/password and
> su to an account with no password.Thanks,Rahul
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