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From Darryl Mocek <>
Subject arcehtype:create-from-project not honoring -s parameter in integration-test phase
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2013 21:51:06 GMT
I am running maven within a firewall and have a mirror of the Maven 
repository within the coporate firewall.  When specifying a proxy and 
using Maven Central, or just about any mirror, I get build errors, so I 
need to use our internal mirror.  The build is faster this way as well.  
I have a settings.xml file which contains information on our mirror and 
without a proxy set so we only use the internal mirror.  When running 
the maven-archtype-plugin by using:

mvn -X -s /path/to/my/settings.xml archetype:create-from-project

I see this DEBUG statement

[DEBUG] Added basic integration test
[INFO] Scanning for projects...

then maven attempts to download these two files:


However, the download is from Maven Central outside the firewall, which 
causes the build to fail.  It appears that the settings parameter isn't 
being propagated to the integration-test phase.  How can I get the 
integration-test phase to use the settings.xml file I've specified?

BTW, I found this bug reported:, which looks like the same 
basic issue.


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