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From "Richard Sand" <>
Subject introducing maven-proguard-plugin
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2013 17:09:25 GMT
Hi all,

I've published version 0.8 of my obfuscation plugin, which can be used to
invoke ProGuard to obfuscate Maven artifacts. It is a Maven3 plugin and
requires Java6. I've tried to integrate it as well as possible into the
maven world to minimize the amount of configuration needed for it to
automatically find the proper files to obfuscate and create a nice usable

The plugin website is I've opened a
ticket to create a Sonatype project for it, so it can be included in the
central repository, but for now if you want to try it out you can download
it from SourceForge directly: The source code, SVN,
tickets etc. can also be found there.

I've still got one major maven integration issue, and that's with adding the
result of the obfuscator back into maven via attachArtifact. If you use the
plugin, leave the "attach" property as false (the default) and use the
resulting jar(s) from the obfuscator via maven assembly. I e-mailed the list
about that issue a few days ago so if anyone has any insight into that I'd
appreciate any advice!

Anyway I hope someone finds this plugin helpful. Thanks!

Best regards,


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