IIUC, you are trying to bind a plugin execution to a phase?

Check this link


Basically, you need an "<execution>" tag with the configuration for the plugin and a <phase> that the plugin is bound to

so if you bind it to "package" for example, your plugin will be executed when you run "mvn package"

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From: alesky <alessandro.dottavio@gmail.com>
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Date: 04/06/2013 01:17 PM
Subject: Re: Call a custom plugin from another project

ok Stephen thanks

specifying an execution to the plugin it works

but i would like to injects an execution in the packaging for the specified
plugin project
in the way that i can use the plugin in this way, and don't have to force
the user to specific the execution

but i didn't found any documentation on-line or in the reference guide
regarding this point
or at list I'm not able to find a correct on-line document to do it

what i i found is that in the plugin annotation there is the @execute
but from my understand this annotation is complete different from what i
want to do

@execute goal="<goal>"
This will execute the given goal before execution of this one. The goal name
is specified using the prefix:goal notation.
@execute phase="<phase>"
This will fork an alternate build lifecycle up to the specified phase before
continuing to execute the current one. If no lifecycle is specified, Maven
will use the lifecycle of the current build.
@execute lifecycle="<lifecycle>" phase="<phase>"
This will execute the given alternate lifecycle. A custom lifecycle can be
defined in META-INF/maven/lifecycles.xml.

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