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From adrien ruffie <>
Subject MANIFEST.MF into assembly plugin
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2013 08:31:39 GMT
Hello all,


I have a problem, Perhaps you know a solution.


I have the following (in attached file) plugin to build a distribution, with
unpackaged war, and several jars (built to from the webapp). I search to
place a manifest with several information in my unpackaged war directory
into /classes/META-INF but I doesn't find how I can generate a MANIFEST.MF
and place it at this Location. I have try to use <configuration> + <archive>
+ <manifest> . into maven-assembly-plugin 2.4 but doesn't work .

Do you know a solution ?


I think jar manifest as far as war manifest is generated and integrated into
jar/war archive during its packaging/zip but, we cannot exporte get it
before, to extract it to another location.



Thank and best regards,



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