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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Downloading a file for shipping in an artifact
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2013 20:47:38 GMT
> Nexus is used to host the .exe file. As the exe originates from a separate
> Maven project, and it needs to live somewhere, I folded the exe generation
> into an ant task as part of that maven project. Now I have versioned
> hosting of the exe.

I'm still confused about why you are having this problem at all. I
think you are inventing solutions to a problem that already has a
solution in Maven.

I expect you are using "deploy:deploy-file" to push this EXE artifact
to Nexus -- if not, how are you doing this? Then you should be able to
simply add a standard dependency in the WAR pom file against that EXE
and it should be pulled down and included along with other
dependencies when the WAR is constructed. (Probably you should be
using a classifier like "windows" and a type like "exe" when you
deploy this file, and then specify those in the WAR pom dependency as

> So I'm rather stuck and seeking suggestions. Nexus doesn't appear to be
> compatible with the wagon method, while the download plugin appears to
> mutate the URL on Linux yet works on Windows. I find both circumstances
> rather hard to believe yet my battle today leaves me empty handed and
> frustrated.

I have never heard of nor used "the download plugin" you speak of. If
it does not work as you expect, I'd encourage you to sort out who
"owns" it and perhaps talk to them about its deficiencies. This is not
an Apache Maven-supported plugin but rather something created by a
random user, I'd assume.

Perhaps take a look at the maven-remote-resources-plugin, or the
maven-dependency-plugin (get or copy goals). Both are "official" and
supported plugins produced by the Apache Maven team. But I don't think
you should need to use either of them, as stated earlier.


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