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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Using Maven to produce an EAR
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2013 20:36:03 GMT
> I can build all of the sub-modules without any problems. Here's my pom to
> build the ear (missing the open/close tags from XML, using ':' to separate
> opening tag from content):

Don't bother with this next time. Just post the XML. (Why did you feel
the need to strip the tags? Nabble fixed their code so xml should pass
thru properly.)

> I found that if I didn't use the jarModule in the configuration,
> thirdparty.jar was put into the root directory of the ear instead of in the
> lib folder (which is where I believe I want it), so I added the jarModule
> block to specify that the thirdparty.jar should be put in the lib directory.
> It is now put in the lib directory. Great. But, it's also in the root
> directory.

Most likely you have not run "mvn clean" in a while so the jar is
still in /target and thus its showing up in the root directory. I bet
it will only be in lib if you run "mvn clean package" instead. Try it
and report back.


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