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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Complex dependency-override scenario
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2013 21:27:33 GMT
> What I need to accomplish:
>     Remove some classes from org.apache.batik.pdf's jar artifact
> I think I can accomplish this in two steps:
>   1) the unpack goal of maven-dependency-plugin bound to its default process-sources
>      specifying class exclusions
>   2) the jar goal of maven-jar-plugin with a classifier to create an attached jar

Is this a one-time or infrequent thing, or must it be accomplished
each time your project(s) are built?

I have trouble imaging a scenario where it must be done each time.

So, I assume one-time/infrequent. In this case, I would create your
own batik jar and deploy it under your own GAV in your MRM.

>   2) how to substitute the modified jar for the batik dependency so
>      my jar gets used for building and is included in module A's .ear, while
>      ensuring that the batik jar is excluded

I would use an <exclusion> in D and get rid of the real batik, then
replace with your private/internal batik. Then the other projects will
pull in the right one automatically.


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