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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: Site plugin woes
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 15:56:05 GMT
To summarize for any future thread readers...

Right now, the site plugin, and its related report plugins, are highly
unlikely to work reliably for any non-standard project layout (and I
personally haven't tried a layout that does work).

If you have just one extra layer between your parent/aggregator and
your children, then the project-info plugin breaks.

If you have an aggregator at the root and a child below, then the site
plugin breaks.
It also clobbers the target directory when using site:stage
(Was reported under, but a
JIRA bug has created two issues with the same id MSITE-690)

The topSiteURL parameter mentioned below had no effect in fixing site:stage.

The Javadoc plugin runs the validate and generate-sources phases when
it shoudn't slowing down (and potentially generating incorrect) docs.

The Javadoc plugin has performance/invocation problems meaning that it
takes longer and longer the more modules you have as it keeps on
repeating the same tasks. (or similar)

Figuring out a suitable set of configuration to generate aggregate
reports in the aggregate location and leaf reports in the leaf
location is hard, as the documentation is weak. While some plugins
just seem to work (checkstyle), others do not. Configuring the report
sets to avoid the undesired test-jxr and test-javadoc causes the
aggregates to stop working.

The reporting plugins generate incomplete HTML files that have to be
processed by the site plugin before they are readable (to handle ${}
interpolations and css). Yet, there is no way to run that site plugin
processing without running the rest of the broken site tasks. The site
plugin needs a new goal.

I ended up replacing the index.html and site.xml to avoid the broken
links from MPIR-279 and MSITE-691. I then generated only the aggregate
level docs, producing nothing at the child level, avoiding some of the
slow performance.

While some of my emails may appear negative, it is my opinion that
site and reporting in Maven is not currently suitable for general use.

On 1 June 2013 12:05, Stephen Colebourne <> wrote:
> On 1 June 2013 08:30, Hervé BOUTEMY <> wrote:
>> yes, I worked recently on this exact issue: site *staging* on complex cases
>> like yours, which is not as usual as you expect
>> It took me a good number of hours with the issue reporter to understand what
>> he was doing, what he was expecting that wasn't trivial, and I found a
>> solution with this topSiteURL
> Thanks for looking into it. Part of the problem with these things is
> that it take 90 minutes to run the site plugin. Thats because of the
> repeated invocation of the same goals, similar to
> and related issues. I
> think there is still a more general problem with multi-modules sites.
> Anyway, I will try to topSiteURL property next week.
> 4 issues raised in total now ;-)
> Stephen

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