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From "David P. Caldwell" <>
Subject Is it possible to execute a POM with a different basedir?
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2013 00:13:59 GMT
The use case is that I have a project (actually, many projects, so I
want to be able to do this in bulk) that are source-controlled and I'd
like to be able to create a modified version of the POM in a temporary
directory and then execute that modified POM, but against the original
base directory without altering the source-controlled POM in my
source-controlled working directory.

Obviously I could do this by copying the entire source tree and then
running my modified POM, but I'd like to do this without having to
copy every file every time, as these projects are often large and I
want to be able to execute this tool routinely.

My initial attempt was to set -Dbasedir on the command line, but this
does not appear to have the effect for which I was hoping.

I can think of several imperfect workarounds, including copying the
entire source directory (expensive), generating a temporary file in
the base directory (make sure not to commit it!), overwriting the POM
(then need to repeatedly refresh from source control to restore the
original), and reading and remembering the POM, overwriting it with
the updated version, running Maven, and then overwriting the updates
with the original (hope the process doesn't crash in a way that
prevents me from restoring the original). I'd probably lean toward the
last but it's more cumbersome and error-prone than I'd like. Is what
I'd like possible?

-- David Caldwell

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