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From "Lyons, Roy" <>
Subject Re: DLL Artifact
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 13:54:41 GMT
You could use the maven native plugin to do this:

dll is one of the options.  There is also jnilib as one of the options (I
am assuming for linux jni binaries)


Roy Lyons

On 6/5/13 7:26 AM, "Andy" <> wrote:

>Hi All,
>I have searched to death the jni project solutions and would just like a
>simple solution to a trivial issue, but having
>difficulty pulling it off.
>I have the classic jar and dll (I am really not interested the native
>plugin or packaging the dll in a jar yet, etc. I
>just don't have the time right now).
>I know I can manually deploy the dll artifact to our repo and declare a
>dep etc, then use the dependency module to get
>it - This is what I've done so far as a quick fix.
>What I'd like to do is more simple than that in the long run. I want to
>have the jar and dll projects as modules in a
>multi-module pom, that's done.
>          |----dll/pom.xml
>          |----dll/
>Now I'd just like the dll/pom.xml to say 'do not package a jar, then
>deploy the dll as the artifact.
>To disable the jar is easy enough...
>     <id>default-jar</id>
>     <phase>none</phase>
>...but how to get the dll to automatically deploy on the deploy phase?
>I know I've see it done somewhere, but just can't find what I need.
>Thanks in advance.
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