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From Alan Buck <>
Subject RE: Error adding file-set for 'org.apache.axis2:addressing:mar:1.6.2' to archive
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 20:23:13 GMT
Thanks you have been very helpful.

The monitor project does not need the axis2 addressing mar but it is 'grabbing' it. In the
monitor's assembly.xml file and pom.xml there is no reference to axis2. The only reference
to it is in the database connectivity project.

I'm starting to read the Maven: The Complete Reference. This application has many moving parts
and I'm trying to see how Maven is used to manage it.

I'm thinking that maybe I don't need to declare the addressing mar file as a dependency. It's
needed for the axis2 jars but I might be able to handle it by copying it into the appropriate

As I said earlier I'm a .NET developer that has inherited a lot of Maven functionality when
the team's maven guru left.

So I'm going to do some reading at the request of the team's lead. Maybe on Monday I'll have
more questions.

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From: Wayne Fay [] 
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2013 1:06 PM
To: Maven Users List
Subject: Re: Error adding file-set for 'org.apache.axis2:addressing:mar:1.6.2' to archive

> I needed to create a client web service for the database connectivity 
> module. This is where I added the dependency on axis2. Without the 
> .mar file the response coding for the client request call fails.

I understand this. You also said the monitor project "uses" the database connectivity module.
Do you know if the monitor project would fail if you got rid of the axis2 addressing mar file?
Or would it work with no issues?

> My understanding may be faulty but I thought that the assembly.xml 
> file is a kind of 'parent configuration' to the m-assembly-p plugin 
> because of the <id>jar-with-dependencies</id> tag in it.

EITHER you use a default, built-in descriptor (like
jar-with-dependencies) when you are using the assembly plugin and then don't specify your
own assembly.xml file **or** you build your own custom assembly.xml and tell the assembly
plugin about it. Pick one.
And if you want to do something custom, please don't use "jar-with-dependencies" as the id
as that already has a definition in Maven. Use "alans-custom-id" or anything else.

> Trying to exclude the .mar file inside the m-assembly-p of the pom.xml didn't seem to
> So I'm trying to exclude it inside of the assembly.xml but that isn't 
> working either. At this point I'm either looking in the wrong areas or 
> using the wrong string
> (org.apache.axis2:addressing:mar:1.6.2) to exclude it.

There should be no need to make your own assembly.xml if you simply want to exclude a dependency
from being packaged along with the rest of it. You could simply <exclude> it in one
of several places in the pom.xml file.


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