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From Ben Caradoc-Davies <>
Subject Re: Novice to Maven, looking for one clarification
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2013 03:57:52 GMT
Tools such as Jenkins CI (and its predecessor Hudson) have native 
support for Maven projects. This allows these tools to make build 
reports and manage artifacts on a per-module basis. However, this is 
most powerful when each module produces jar files, and this only occurs 
for JVM-based platforms. While perl or python projects can be mavenised, 
the Jenkins integration benefits will be smaller because they do not 
follow the packaging convention. Jenkins will work just as well with 
non-mavenised perl/python/... projects.

Storage in SVN is a completely separate issue from the build process. 
Most projects are moving to git.

Kind regards,

On 27/06/13 10:33, Anand Sudabattula wrote:
> Also I read that once the projects are
> mavenized its easy to integrate them with Continuous Integration
> technologies.

Ben Caradoc-Davies <>
Software Engineer
CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering
Australian Resources Research Centre

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