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From Eric Gwin <>
Subject Pointer for non-standard artifact build?
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 18:49:43 GMT

I expect this information is available somewhere on the web and in searching for it I've found
vast amounts
of highly useful but completely non-relevant (to this problem) information. Therefore I'm
sending this email.

Hopefully, you can simply point me in the right direction with a quick example, or an existing

Basically, I'm building a product that ships both as OSGi bundles, and as a legacy jar file.
I'm currently
building the individual OSGi bundles with Maven, and then need to jump out to Ant to pull
the bundle classes
and resources into the monolithic jar and add a new manifest. I'd like to convert the whole
build to Maven,
but am running into a wall trying to figure out how to create a project that needs no source,
and packages
with other projects' classes and resources.

A modified life-cycle doesn't seems to really be what I need. Any pointers?

To make matters more complex, because of the mojos I'm using to generate the OSGi bundles,
I need to build
standard maven projects inside a separate reactor and since the bundles are basically the
foundation for the
rest of the build, I need to run maven first to generate the bundles then invoke another reactor(?)
build) to build the non-OSGi components, then assemble the product jar and build the integration
framework and suites. Any ideas?


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