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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Newbie trying to understand how to use some plugins
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2013 18:17:28 GMT
Is this a problem that an installer solves in a much more flexible way?

Clearly assembly and shade can do a lot but sometimes it appears that 
linking to an existing installer with a Maven plug-in (izpack for 
example) might do it in a more simple and flexible way and allow a lot 
more pieces to be pulled in.


On 10/06/2013 1:05 PM, Wayne Fay wrote:
>> Anyway, I'm running into issues at deployment time (just starting with the EJB jar
as a
>> standalone deployment) because the EJB jar depends on a 3rd party jar that is not
>> available on the server.
> If you **really** need to make the EJB jar work in standalone
> deployment (which is not especially common IME), you could make this
> work with the shade plugin (or other similar plugins) by packaging the
> contents of your dependencies in alongside your own project files in
> an "uberjar" or "onejar."
>> I'd like to avoid that this time, so I'm thinking, much like WAR and EAR files have
>> META-INF/lib directories, a jar file might have something similar. Does this fall
>> the definition of a jar? Is there no way to package a 3rd party jar upon which one's
>> depends with one's jar, so that at runtime the dependencies can be resolved by the
>> classloader?
> The Java Jar file specification does not allow Jar files to contain
> other Jar files so this is not possible (unless you are using a
> special classloader which does not conform to the spec like
> Classworlds).
> Instead, you should be using dependencies in your WAR and EAR pom
> files to declare "this project depends on these libraries" and Maven
> will automatically pull those Jar files in and include them in the WAR
> or EAR packages when they are constructed.
> Are you sure that you need this EJB jar to work in standalone
> deployment? Or is this just something you're trying for something to
> do, and you will generally deploy the EJB in a WAR/EAR? If the latter,
> I would ignore this "problem" for now and continue working to make the
> WAR/EAR function as you require.
> Wayne
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