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From Stanimir Stamenkov <>
Subject Re: Copy an artifact with its transitive dependencies to a specified location
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 18:30:22 GMT
Mon, 3 Jun 2013 19:46:11 +0200, /Baptiste MATHUS/:

> From my understanding of your need you should use dependency:get and use
> destination parameter.

Seems like, but the transitive dependencies get only downloaded to 
the local repository and not copied to the specified `destination`, 
as far as I understand and as far as I've observed.

> Dependency:copy-dependencies inadequately forces you to have a pom which I
> understand you don't have.

I have a POM where I would like to include the given dependency goal 
at certain phase (like `package`), but the dependency I would like 
to set up (copying it to a specified location, including its 
transitive dependencies) is not a declared dependency in/of the POM.

> There's a feature hole here that might be filled. Could you please file a
> jira abt this so that it can be fixed?

I'll post back a reference.

> I suppose we need to figure out where this feature would be located: either
> by undeprecating destination param some way , either removing the
> requirement for a maven pom for copy-deps or by creating a brand new goal.
> Thanks a lot.
> Le 2 juin 2013 17:13, "Stanimir Stamenkov" <> a écrit :
>> I want to copy an artifact with its transitive dependencies to a specified
>> location.  The artifact is not a dependency of the project the given build
>> step would be part of.
>> I've tried the "copy" goal of the maven-dependency-plugin [1], but it
>> doesn't have a "transitive" option.  I've also tried the "get" goal, but
>> its "destination" parameter is deprecated and after all it doesn't copy the
>> transitive dependencies to that destination.
>> I've also tried using the "copy-dependencies" goal by first declaring the
>> needed artifact as runtime dependency to the project, which I don't really
>> want to, and then specifying "includeGroupIds" and "includeArtifactIds"
>> parameters, but this is mostly the same as "copy" specifying all artifacts
>> explicitly, which I don't want to manually resolve and hard-code.
>> Is there an easy way to achieve what I'm after?
>> [1]

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