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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject [ANN] Maven 3.1.0-alpha-1 Release
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2013 00:24:13 GMT

The Apache Maven Team is announcing the release of 3.1.0-alpha-1

The release notes can be found here:

In particular there are significant changes regarding JSR330 and SLF4J:

The release can be downloaded from:

The changes in this release are as follows:

[MNG-3131] - Error message is misleading if a missing plugin parameter is of a type like List
[MNG-5016] - A mirror's layout setting should default to 'default' since thats' the only layout
supported lay in maven 3
[MNG-5206] - plexus container never disposed
[MNG-5208] - Parallel (-T option) multi module build fires wrong "project failed event"
[MNG-5209] - MavenProject.getTestClasspathElements can return null elements
[MNG-5212] - DefaultPluginDescriptorCache does not retain pluginDescriptor dependencies
[MNG-5214] - Dependency resolution substitutes g:a:v:jar for j:a:v:something-else when something-else
isn't in the reactor
[MNG-5233] - ArtifactMetadataRetrievalException from org.apache.maven.artifact.metadata is
not anymore binary compatible.
[MNG-5258] - localRepository in settings.xml does not handle ~ as home.dir
[MNG-5261] - upgrade wagon version to 2.3 to fix issues with redirect
[MNG-5270] - README.bootstrap.txt says "Ant 1.6.5 or later" BUT 1.8 or later is needed
[MNG-5280] - Inconsistent order of repositories and pluginRepositories from profiles in settings
(regression Maven 3)
[MNG-5289] - -Dmaven.repo.local not honored
[MNG-5312] - MavenProject.getParent intolerably slow when import scope used heavily
[MNG-5313] - Unnecessary overload
[MNG-5314] - DefaultModelValidator misuses String.matches
[MNG-5336] - Descriptor Reference for settings.xml is incorrect
[MNG-5387] - Add ability to replace an artifact in mid-build
[MNG-5390] - mvn -rf (no argument) results in NPE
[MNG-5395] - logger name for plugins should not be DefaultMavenPluginManager
[MNG-5396] - logger name for execution events should not be MavenCli
[MNG-5398] - scriptSourceDirectory in superpom is not prefixed with ${project.basedir}/
[MNG-5403] - tar.gz release artifacts have wrong permissions on directories
[MNG-5418] - Can't activate a profile by checking for the presence of a file in ${myProperty}
[MNG-5430] - use wagon 2.4
[MNG-5444] - ModelSource API is not sufficient to resolve project hierachies
[MNG-5445] - Missing PathTranslator @Requirement in org.apache.maven.project.interpolation.StringSearchModelInterpolator
[MNG-5456] - Maven skips modules and reports success if parallel build encounters java.lang.Error
[MNG-5477] - "malformed POM" warning issued when no version in reporting section

[MNG-4505] - use slf4j to control various logging frameworks
[MNG-5181] - New resolution from local repository is very confusing
[MNG-5239] - Maven integration developers would like to be able to override the maven logging
[MNG-5245] - upgrade default plugins versions
[MNG-5338] - Accept a directory with -f/--file
[MNG-5350] - improve @threadSafe error message: tell which goal
[MNG-5399] - Upgrade version of maven-release-plugin in superpom to 2.3.2
[MNG-5400] - Upgrade version of maven-dependency-plugin in superpom to 2.5
[MNG-5402] - Better build number for git
[MNG-5480] - document in POM descriptor reference how urls are interpolated from parent
[MNG-5482] - Catch NoClassDefFoundError org/sonatype/aether

New Feature:
[MNG-519] - Timestamps on messages
[MNG-5306] - for IDE embedding have ways of collecting model problems without failing the
[MNG-5343] - Allow the use of JSR330 annotation in Maven extensions and plugins
[MNG-5344] - Allow the SLF4J loggers to be @Injected
[MNG-5354] - Integrate Eclipse Aether 0.9.0.M2
[MNG-5380] - Cannot preserve whitespace in Maven plugin configuration
[MNG-5381] - Restore MavenSession.getRepositoryCache()
[MNG-5382] - Add an IT for @Inject used in plugins
[MNG-5386] - Dispose of ClassRealms after invocation to prevent out of Permgen errors
[MNG-5388] - Restore embedded integration tests
[MNG-5391] - Update the default WAR plugin version to avoid version 2.3
[MNG-5393] - Look at Sonar's use of SLF4J and Logback
[MNG-5397] - Use SLF4J for logging
[MNG-5407] - Change MavenITmng1830ShowVersionTest to account for SHA1 as version

[MNG-5279] - add CLI options to documentation
[MNG-5365] - Replace Aether's deprecated ConfigurationProperties with ConfigUtils
[MNG-5372] - remove classes that were added during Maven 3 alpha and beta but were deprecated
before 3.0 final release
[MNG-5373] - Document the usage and benefits of JSR330
[MNG-5374] - Fix transfer listener after the JSR330 merge
[MNG-5375] - Document use of SLF4J
[MNG-5376] - Account for changes between the Apple and Oracle JDKs on OSX
[MNG-5453] - Update Maven 3 build to use Eclipse/Sisu

[MNG-5370] - separate artifact-handlers configuration from plugin bindings to default lifecycle
[MNG-5461] - rename _maven.repositories tracking file to _remote.repositories



Jason van Zyl
Founder & CTO, Sonatype
Founder,  Apache Maven

Simplex sigillum veri. (Simplicity is the seal of truth.)

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