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From DaveyBob <>
Subject Using a complete maven repo copy
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2013 20:17:54 GMT

Hoping you can help me see what I've got wrong with this.

I do most of my development on Linux. My ~/.m2/settings.xml contains
"<localRepository>/data/m2/repository</localRepository>", since my repo sits
in a custom location (different disk).

Now, when I go home at night, I sometimes want to "take it all with me", so
from my Windows 7 laptop, I XCOPY the entire repo from a samba share on that
linux box to the laptop.  Just to make it easy, I put it all in D:/data/m2,
and my local maven settings file has an entry like

I've validated that it's all there.  I also XCOPY the projects over.  (They
are Eclipse projects, but never mind that...we'll stay in maven.)

Now, when I go into the maven project folder on the Windows laptop and
execute "mvn -o -X clean install", I get a DEBUG output line saying
"Verifying availability of
from [ central (, releases)]

And then it complains that the dependency could not be resolved.

Why is it trying to resolve anything from central when I gave the -o flag?
And the pom is sitting in exactly the right spot, copied from linux.

Running that same build command on the linux side, it works like a champ.

What am I missing?

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