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From Evan <>
Subject Re: Javadoc: single configuration
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 14:04:58 GMT
>Hm, I fail to find such reference, and I'm actually reading `mvn 
>site` and `mvn javadoc:javadoc` behave differently, given they are 
>configured in different sections (<reporting> vs. <build>):
>| IMPORTANT NOTE: configuring the Javadoc plugin in the
>| <reporting/> or <build/> elements in the pom have NOT the same
>| behavior as described in the Guide to Configuring Plug-ins.

That section warns me that the behaviour is different, but not *how* it
differs. In the example at the bottom of that page the javadoc:javadoc uses
elements from the configuration defined in the build *and* reporting

|mvn javadoc:javadoc
|    It will generate the Javadoc for private members (defined in <build/>) 
|    using the stylesheet (defined in <reporting/>), and with no help page
|    (defined in <build/>).

This is the documented behaviour that I can not reproduce. ( mvn
javadoc:javadoc only looks at the configuration in the build section instead
of both build and reporting sections)

Ultimately I'm trying to define the javadoc configuration once and have it
apply to all invocations of the javadoc plugin.


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