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From Jim Garrison <>
Subject Complex dependency-override scenario
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2013 17:32:16 GMT
I have inherited the following dependency hierarchy, with A, B, C and D being four related
source projects.

    A (packaging:EAR) depends on B, C and D
    B (packaging:WAR) depends on D
    C (packaging:EJB) depends on D
    D (packaging:JAR) depends on the BIRT runtime, which has a transitive dependency on org.apache.batik.pdf
     /      \
    A---->C  \
     \     \  |
      \     \ |
       \----->D--> birt.runtime --> batik-pdf
What I need to accomplish:

    Remove some classes from org.apache.batik.pdf's jar artifact
I think I can accomplish this in two steps:

  1) the unpack goal of maven-dependency-plugin bound to its default process-sources phase,
     specifying class exclusions
  2) the jar goal of maven-jar-plugin with a classifier to create an attached jar
What I don't know:

  1) where in the target directory should I do the unpack and re-jar
  2) how to substitute the modified jar for the batik dependency so
     my jar gets used for building and is included in module A's .ear, while
     ensuring that the batik jar is excluded

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