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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: org.codehaus.mojo:versions-maven-plugin:2.0:update-properties
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 19:13:30 GMT
> It works well for artifacts in Nexus that was deployed from Maven.
> Unfortunately, we have some artifacts that consist of zip files and
> has been generated from an Ant build.

I assume the plugin queries your MRM and looks at the versions in
maven-metadata.xml. How are the zip files being deployed to your MRM?
Or are they just installed locally in ~/.m2, or what?

> My question is, does anybody know how an updated version is located by
> the version plugin? It seems to me that it doesn't just look at all
> versions for an artifact and then uses the largest number.

I assume Stephen C. will give us an authoritative reply soon.
Otherwise you can check the plugin source code pretty easily since it
is open source.


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