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From Mirko Friedenhagen <>
Subject Multiple invocation of report goal with different configurations?
Date Sun, 19 May 2013 18:37:57 GMT

configuring-reports[1] states:
If you want to choose only some reports from a plugin, or if you want
to run a report *multiple times with a different configuration*, you
need to configure report sets:
I now tried this with the jacoco-maven-plugin to differentiate between
unit and integration tests like this:




However, this does not work, as the configuration of the second
reportSet will always override the first one. Looking into the
plugin's code, this seems quite obvious:
getOutputName[2] will always return "jacoco/index" and
setReportOutputDirectory[3] will always just append "jacoco" to given
parameter reportOutputDirectory.
And in my sample project, the report goal will only be executed once.

So my question: is there an example, where the same report mojo
configured twice will be executed twice and return two different

Regards Mirko

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